June 20, 2022

Nash’s Studio Newborn Session| Spokane, WA

Newborn Photography Spokane

Spokane Newborn Photography

Your newborn session doesn’t have to be within 2 weeks of your little one’s birth. I believe it really is a personal preference.

Yes, it might be easier within the first 2 weeks; early on, babies will generally sleep the duration of the session. But, I just love the alertness, the sweet interactions and those little smiles that you might not have in those first few days.

Not to mention, Mom’s recovery from labor, settling back at home, the lack of sleep and trying to get into a good routine with your growing family – it can all be a bit overwhelming. I’ve been there, I get it! The last thing you want to do is to get ready, find something to wear that fits (and makes you feel good), get out the house for a certain time and put on a smile for the camera. You would much rather be at home, snuggling your little baby and sneaking in a nap in the momma cracks of your day.

So I like to recommend waiting a few weeks, give it a bit more time for things to fall into place and for your family to find a good rhythm with your new addition.

Newborn Photography Spokane

My Spokane newborn photography sessions are relaxed and baby lead. This means that we take our time, there is no rush. We take breaks to clean spit up, feed baby, change a diaper or rock & calm fussy little ones.

Baby Nash – who is 5 weeks old – can show you what I mean. Mom, Dad and big brother Hudson proudly introduced their new addition to the family, Baby Nash. We met at my Downtown Spokane studio on a Monday morning. I was able to adjust the temperature to be comfortable for baby Nash. We listened to and let Nash lead the session; when he cried, we stopped for breaks for Mom to feed and change him. Dad and big brother shared snacks and hung out on the couch while I got some detail photos of Nash.

Learn more about my Spokane Newborn Photography Sessions here.

Newborn Photography Spokane

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