June 20, 2022

4 advantages to having a studio session

All RMP clients have complimentary access to my downtown Spokane studio. My studio is fully furnished with couches, a bed, and the sweetest nursery corner. Additionally, the natural décor matches all styles of sessions. There are so many great reasons to choose my studio for your upcoming session. Check out these top 4 advantages to having a studio session.

1. No Weather Worries

Often, you are unsure of the weather when you book your photography session. Choosing to do your session in the studio takes away all of the stress of potential weather issues. The studio has air conditioning and heat, allowing us to adjust to the perfect temperature for you and your family.

2. Beautiful Natural Light

Light is the most important thing I plan for when I’m planning your family photos. My studio has numerous windows that let in gorgeous, natural light throughout the day. Natural lighting allows me to capture consistent, beautifully lit images every time.

3. A Clean, Modern Background

Creating images in a clean, fully furnished studio is a wonderful way to keep the focus on you and the amazing connection you have with your family. There’s no clutter or distracting items that might take away from the simplicity of the portraits.

4. Privacy & Convenience

My studio is on the top floor of the building which offers complete privacy. You never have to worry about other clients there at the same time as you. As a result, you can relax knowing that your time with me will be quiet and uninterrupted. The studio also features a changing room so you can alternate outfits easily and nurse your baby comfortably and privately.

4 advantages to having a studio session

These are my top 4 advantages to consider when choosing the studio as the location for your Spokane area maternity, newborn or family photography session. For more info about Spokane Family Photography sessions, follow along on Instagram or check out my website.

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