February 8, 2023

Tips for a Stress-Free Family Photo Session with Kids

“My kids are wild and wont behave.” “My child won’t stand still for more than a few moments.” “When I ask them to smile, my kids give a fake and forced ‘cheeeeese’.” “I’ll wait till things settle down before I book family photos”. I hear these comments all the time, and it makes me smile. As a mama of two little ones, I know these comments oh so well. I’ve known the stress and worry of whether or not my kids will behave so we can get a beautiful family photo. So trust me when I say, ‘I’ve got you mama’, because I’ve complied my top tips for a stress-free family photo session with kids!

Spokane Family Photography with Kids

Tips for a Stress-Free Family Photo Session with Kids

My photography sessions are child led. What does this mean exactly? It means that we will follow your children’s lead. As your family photographer, it is my job to read your children and adapt. Build a relationship with your children based on trust. In order for that to happen, we just let them BE; be comfortable, be silly, be themselves. When kids feel in control, heard, cared for, and not rushed…that’s when the magic happens.

Kids are wild, loud and chaotic; it’s what life with toddlers and young children is all about. The unpredictability and candidness are what steal my heart. Family photo sessions should be fun! Yes, there will be chaos, but there is endless raw beauty in that chaos. So embrace the chaos and have a stress-free family photo session with kids!

Spokane Family Photography with Kids

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

If something doesn’t go as expected; try to go with the flow and keep a light-hearted attitude. Set the example for the rest of your family, and they might just adopt the same attitude and decide to enjoy the rest of your photo session no matter what.

Spokane Family of 4 has fun during their family photography session

Stock up on Snacks

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ve always got a snack or two on hand. A family photo session is no different, and we will definitely want to take some breaks for snacks and drinks. Just be sure to avoid anything too messy or anything that will stain your kids’ face or clothes. Fruit snacks, Cheerios, apple slices, and veggies are all good, clean choices! And don’t worry, I always have extra baby wipes on hand – because you never know when you will need one.

Spokane Family Photography with Kids

Be Prepared

On the day of your session make sure everyone is fed and teeth are brushed before changing them into their photo outfits. For toddlers or younger children, I recommend dressing them when you arrive at the photo location. Let’s face it, kids are messy and you don’t want to risk their outfits getting ruined on the way to pictures.

Most importantly, have fun!

Don’t feel like you have to pose and smile at the camera for every single photo. Tickle your kids, hug your spouse, and snuggle up together as a family. Your candid love and joy will shine through and will reflect in your images. If you treat your family photo session more like an exciting outing rather than a task; your whole family will have more fun, and I will be able to capture genuine, joyful interactions.

Stress-Free Spokane Family Photography

As a mama of two little ones, I get it, family photos are stressful; but they don’t have to be. As your family photographer, I will make the whole process fun and stress-free! I’ll be here every step of the way to prepare and plan for your session. And during your session, I’m not afraid to act silly and embarrass myself to get your kids laughing, which means I am not above a good fart joke.

I am a family photographer based in Spokane, WA; serving Spokane and the surrounding areas.  Interested in learning more? Let’s chat mama! Reach out for more Tips for a Stress-Free Family Photo Session with Kids.

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